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A trip through Italy is all about Eyewear beauty, art and history. Everywhere you turn, there is an ancient villa, or a ruin of a palace, or a thousand years old orchard. There is light like nowhere else in the world, and smiling people, music, wine and food.It is the history that mostly captivates the imagination of people form the New World when they visit Italy. Walking through two thousand years old streets boggles the imagination. Getting married in an eight hundred years old palace is something that becomes a part of family lore. Everywhere you look, there is a story of the past. Sometimes glorious, often violent, but always human, and never forgotten.Visiting Murano is, just like visiting Venice, a must. For many people, Venice is Italy: ancient glorious palaces, sleek gondolas slowly gliding through canals, old churches still working after more than half of century since they were built.If Venice is Italy, Murano is glass. This beautif.