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Copyright (c) 2013 InSPAration Francesco Smalto Shirts ManagementAs a spa entrepreneur, one of the most important functions of your position is to recruit, select and build a high performance team. You can have the most beautiful spa/salon, but if you don't have the right team working with you, success will only be a dream.Here are Ten Secrets to help you build your dream team:1. Staff vs TEAMMany spa/salon leaders call their employees staff. From now on, replace the word staff with TEAM. You don't build a staff, you build a TEAM!2. Recruiting EffortsFinding the right fit takes time and effort. You can't wait for potential candidates to come through your door. You need to go on a recruiting mission, just like they do in sports. Recruiters seek out talent, and you need to do the same! You should never stop recruiting. Always keep your eyes open for talented people. Don't wait until you need team members to start looking. That's too late. You will end up hiring .