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Written by Hermes Neckties Jimmie BurroughsThis question appeared on the first page of Google, and some fellow was saying that he saw it on a large road sign on the side of I-86 in North Carolina and he ended his statement with the "Laugh Out Loud" LOL symbol. He posted it to see what answers he would get from that same question on Yahoo Answers. I scanned the answers given by different people, and out of 25 only 5 gave the right answer. It is astounding how few truly understand something as important as their unending destiny. On Yahoo's best answer 85% voted this as the best answer:" Same place that I have always been ." Hence that the best answer to "If you were to die today, where would you spend eternity?" Since when does any person ever stay where they have frequently been in any sense of the word? Life is ever-changing and no one remains in the same place. Here are some other answers that were given: "It does not seem fair or right for me that.