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Just the Jewelry sets Jewelries other day, I was talking to some other stay at home moms and asked if they were struggling with any difficulties. "Yes," one piped up almost immediately, "discipline problems with my 6 year old smart mouthknow-it-all! I don't want to spank, and don't, but he seems to laugh at time out, privilage loss, etc. What do I do?" Ahhh. the joys of independence in children. I have found in working withchildren that when negative consequences are imposed (loss of privilages, timeouts, etc.), they simply do not work. My advice and what I try to do is toalways let the child have a choice in the matter at hand. For example: Your sixyear old (and any age for that matter) is not listening to you. You are askinghim/her to pick up their room. They are ignoring you and doing what they want todo. Instead of saying "if you don't listen there will be a consequence (timeout, loss of privilage, etc.) Try rephrasing and saying to your child.