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Teenage jewelry is an Leather Goods important and lucrative market niche. Today's 12- to 19-year-old crowd shops for fashions more than any other age group. Fashion market analysts say that American teens currently spend $33 billion a year on fashion and beauty, with over 90% of them shopping for clothes and accessories at least once a month. For many teenagers, fashion is an important part of establishing their identity. Jewelry, clothes, shoes, and hairstyles can set young adults apart or make them fit in. In this age group more than any other, what you wear symbolizes what you believe, who you are (or want to be), and what group you belong to. Teens also have fun experimenting with fashion and color as their own personal style evolves. You may want to consider having at least a small section of your jewelry business cater to the teenage market. A considerable amount of jewelry is bought by and for teenagers - both girls and boys - for four main re.